Indian Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies

It is our aim to share knowledge on peritoneal cancer and to train and educate multidisciplinary teams on treatment

International Society for Study of Pleura and Peritoneum (ISSPP) certified PIPAC Training Course and Workshop and Hands on and Live surgery PIPAC cases

  • ISSSP approved PIPAC modules
  • Live surgery demonstration
  • Hands on Dry lab training
  • ISSSP certificate
  • World leading international faculty in field of PIPAC

LIMITED SLOTS only available
First cum First basis

information on mesothelioma and asbestos

Please check out our page on the causes of mesothelioma  and let me know what you think and if you would be interested in helping us spread awareness by adding it to your links page.


Integrated National HIPEC online registry and database

The Indian HIPEC registry is a practical database for Indian surgeons. In this registry study the investigators will collect data about patients’ disease, treatment, and response to treatment to include in both our local and national databases. These can then be used by investigators to answer questions about cytoreductive surgery/HIPEC such as how well-tolerated or effective it is in specific populations. This pooling of data will help generate evidence for current clinical practice in treating Peritoneal Surface Malignancies.

The Registry will be mailed on request to all the HIPEC centres registered with ISPSM. A designated coordinator from each HIPEC centre will update the disease status of patients on a yearly basis.

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Our Mission

To determine the optimal treatment by leading the development of multidisciplinary decision-making and management.

our Vision

To maximize benefits and minimize side effects on peritoneal surface malignancy patients through scientific research collaboration between medical and surgical oncologists and support personnel.

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